About Kingston LSCB

Quality Assurance Subgroup

The Quality Assurance Sub Group is responsible for the monitoring and scrutiny of safeguarding practice through improving and strengthening the audit and quality assurance functions of the LSCB. Its role is to monitor the effectiveness of what is done by partner agencies individually and collectively to safeguard children and young people and promote their welfare.

Our planned programme of work for 2017-18 can be viewed here.


  • Ian Dodds – Chair of the Quality Assurance Subgroup and Director of Standards and Improvement, Achieving for Children
  • Alison Twynam – Director of Children’s Social Care, Achieving for Children
  • Andrea Knock – Designated Nurse for Safeguarding, Kingston Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)
  • Anthony Josling – Senior Probation Officer, London Probation Trust
  • Caroline Mark – Service Manager for Quality Assurance, Reviewing and LADO Service , Achieving for Children
  • Diane White – Co-ordinator, Kingston Young Carers
  • Jason Carey – Homelessness and Temporary Accommodation Manager, Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames
  • Peter Suggett – Child Abuse Investigation Team, Metropolitan Police
  • Kelly Swaffield – Strategic Head Quality Assurance, Achieving for Children
  • Nader Elgharably – Designated Doctor for Safeguarding Children, Kingston Hospital NHS Trust
  • Rosemary Hafeez – Head of School Standards and Performance Education Services, Achieving for Children
  • Fiona Grant, Janet Grimes, Kajal Patel – Child Adolescent Mental Health Services
  • Justin Howick – Detective Inspector, Kingston Police

Advisory and Support to the Subgroup

  • Elisabeth Major – LSCB Professional Advisor
  • Vivienne White – Kingston LSCB Coordinator
  • Samantha Chidenga – Business Support Officer