About Richmond LSCB

Our Vision

As an LSCB our vision is to ensure the best possible safeguarding outcomes for children and young people in Richmond and Kingston by providing information, support and training to young people, parents, carers and professionals. As you explore our website you will see how we seek to remind local people that safeguarding is everybody's business.

Meet the Team

Deborah Lightfoot
Deborah Lightfoot is our LSCB Chair and has worked in Kingston and Richmond since 2013. She has a background of over 30 years' experience in children's social care, from social worker to senior leader.
Elisabeth Major
Elisabeth is the Professional Adviser for the LSCBs. She is also from a child protection social work background, and has over 20 years’experience.Elisabeth manages our learning and improvement case review work.
Lorraine Campbell
Lorraine is our LSCB Learning and Development Manager and also has over 20 years’experience in children's social work.Lorraine manages our learning and development, including our eLearning , and develops our training.
Daksha Mistry
Daksha has worked in youth work and early years family centres and has been delivering training in child protection and safeguarding for over 20 years. She leads on Child Sexual Exploitation and safeguarding children on line for both our boroughs.
Sarah Bennett
Sarah is our Richmond LSCB Coordinator where she leads on Board management and quality assurance, including through our Section 11 safeguarding evaluation process. Sarah also coordinates the CDOP (Child Death Overview Panel) for both Boroughs. Sarah is committed to safeguarding vulnerable members of our society and has a range of relevant professional and voluntary experience which she brings to her role.
Alex Colclough
Alex works part time as a local school Deputy Headteacher and leads on education matters for the LSCB in Kingston and Richmond. Alex also leads on Private Fostering and FGM (Female Genital Mutilation).

Alex is passionate to develop the In Safe Hands community engagement concept in local schools.More information on this work can be found on the link below:
Tracey Welding
Tracey is our Kingston LSCB Coordinator, like Sarah, and also leads for both Boroughs in reaching out to faith, community and voluntary sector groups. Tracey has over 20 years’ experience working and supporting in early years.
Nasseema Crowley
Nasseema is our LSCB Business Support Officer for both boroughs. She has experience of working in both private and public sector administration.