About Richmond LSCB

Serious Case Review Subgroup

In line with Working Together 2015, a Serious Case Review will be undertaken for every case where abuse or neglect is known or suspected and either:

  •  A child dies; or
  •  A child is seriously harmed and there are concerns about how organisations or professionals worked together to safeguard the child.

“The LSCB for the area in which the child is normally resident should decide whether an incident notified to them meets the criteria for an SCR. This decision should normally be made within one month of notification of the incident. The final decision rests with the Chair of the LSCB.” The LSCB Chair will inform the national SCR panel about their SCR decisions.

The Serious Case Review (SCR) Subgroup will review the referrals against the criteria for holding a SCR and make appropriate recommendations to the LSCB Board. The Subgroup will consider serious cases which do not meet the criteria for holding a SCR case review, but have a multi-agency element and provide scope for learning around multi agency practice and procedures. The SCR Subgroup will undertake reviews of serious cases and advise the local authority and the LSCB board on lessons to be learned.

Richmond SCR Subgroup Membership List