About Kingston LSCB


Kingston LSCB consists of a main board and a number of sub groups that meet regularly. The main Board meets four times a year and has an additional two joint main board meetings with Richmond LSCB.

The subgroups of the board include:

  • Serious Case Review Subgroup
  • Quality Assurance Subgroup
  • Child Sexual Exploitation and children missing from home, care or education Subgroup
  • Safeguarding Children Online Subgroup/CSE Awareness Raising Subgroup
  • Learning and Development Subgroup
  • Policy and Procedures Subgroup
  • Child Death Overview Panel (CDOP) Subgroup

All subgroups are multi-agency with representation from the relevant agencies. Some work jointly across Kingston and Richmond LSCBs. 

Please click here to view the Board structure diagram.

LSCB key documents and plans

How do key documents produced by the LSCB work together - 

Protocol to set out joint arrangements between the Health and
Wellbeing Board, Children Youth and Leisure Committee and
Kingston LSCB - Download